BSDStammtisch Wien 0x05 2018-06-12

Next meeting 🗓

Tuesday, 2018-06-12, 19:00 (CEST)

Location 🗺

Seminarraum Technische Informatik, Operngasse 9, 1040 Wien Public Transport: U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz, Bus 59A Bärenmühldurchgang, Nightline N60, N62, N66, N71, Tram 2 (within reasonable walking distance) Bicycle parking: Just around the corner

Attendance 🎟

Free for all people interested in learning or discussing about all things BSD! You are welcome!


  • Please present your topic!
  • pkg(8) and ports best practices, tips and tricks
  • how to package software for OpenBSD and FreeBSD
  • Show and Tell
    • Show us your quick tips and tricks, the tools you use or recently discovered, be it CLI, GUI, web services, that chocolate chip cookie recipe, a book or conference recording, anything goes. No need to prepare anything.
  • Chit chat, food and drinks afterwards


Reports and News

  • What has happened since the last BSDStammtisch?

Main Topic:

  • packages, ports, tips and tricks and what to avoid

  • via dch@

  • A minimal port example

  • Interesting things to put into your /etc/make.conf

    • Never build Kerberos support (for example in ftp/curl) OPTIONS_UNSET = GSSAPI_BASE
  • EuroBSDCon 2018-09-22..23 in Bucureşti – România

Show and Tell

Short introductions to tools you like, or that solve a problem for you. This can be anything from GUI, CLI to Webservices, a book, a podcast or conference recording you'd like to recommend or a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Mmmhhmmmm Cookies! 🍪 No need phor a phanphy prphentaishn.

  • Handy utility to identify and mark drives in a chassis. (Like blink the RED LED on them to mark a dead drive to be swapped out for a new one.)
    • For LSI/Avago HBAs or RAID controllers:
    • SAS2 controllers: /usr/local/bin/sas2ircu
    • SAS3 controllers: /usr/local/bin/sas3ircu


  • A philospohy of software design (John Ousterhout) ISBN13: 9781732102200

Drinks and Food afterwards

Chit chat, food and drinks afterwards.