Join us!

Have a seat at the BSDStammtisch!

A “Stammtisch” is a table reserved for regular guests, eg. at a restaurant. It's also frequently used to describe regular meetings of people with a common interest to discuss and socialize.

We do monthly meetups in Vienna/Austria to talk about all things BSD and related! Please be excellent to each other!

During the meetups we will try to record the sessions if the speaker wants us to. We'll certainly take notes of the topics discussed to give those who missed a meeting a chance to catch up with links. Collaborative note taking is done using Pads hosted by the Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W) and running on FreeBSD.

Social Media

You can follow us on Mastodon and Twitter to get the latest updates on meetings!
Twitter: @BSDStammtisch


If you want to chat online, you can do so on IRC and Matrix. Either one is fine, the channels are bridged across both networks, so joining one is enough not to miss anything. The Channel is low-volume.
IRC: #bsdaustria on

Calendar Subscription

So you never miss a meeting we publish our meeting schedule as a standard .ics calendar file you can subscribe to. There are no reminders or alerts in that calendar.
To subscribe use your favorite calendar client and point it to Setting your calendar client to automatically update the schedule somewhere between daily and weekly should be enough.