BSDStammtisch Wien 0x01 2018-02-13

Past meeting 🗓

Tuesday, 2018-02-13, 19:00 (CET)

Location 🗺

Seminarraum Technische Informatik, Operngasse 9, 1040 Wien
Public Transport: U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz, Bus 59A Bärenmühldurchgang, Nightline N60, N62, N66, N71, Tram 2 (within reasonable walking distance) Bicycle parking: Just around the corner

Attendance 🎟

Free for all people interested in learning or discussing about all things BSD! You are welcome!


  • Automation with Ansible
  • Show and Tell
    • Show us your quick tips and tricks, the tools you use or recently discovered, be it CLI, GUI or web services
  • Chit chat and drinks afterwards

Shownotes 📝

Taken by all the awesome people who attended BSDStammtisch.


Main Talk

  • Ansible for freeBSD (Luto)
  • we failed hard: because the iocage Plugin for Ansible is in need of some attention.
  • Luto is the ansible guy, MacLemon the BSD guy, so they combined their efforts to get stuff (almost) working
  • Time ran away from Luto, so he shows us ansible basics

Ansible basics:

  • Get Ansible Information
  • Read Ansible Documentation
  • Read Ansible on BSD
  • To install Ansible on your FreeBSD controller system you can use the port sysutils/ansible First install Ansible on the machine that pushes the update, the machine to be installed doesn't need anything. Create a file called "inventory" in the directory you want to configure the ansible connection (which basically opens a ssh connection and does awesome stuff with that).

Controller machine needs python (preferably 2, 3 should be also supported by now) Controlled machine also needs some kind of python (versions don't need to match)

FreeBSD has no python installed by default, so you need to install this yourself on the controlled machine and tell ansible where to find it there (as ansible comes from the Linux world and BSD puts python in another place).

Ansible configuration files are written in YAML

There is an Ansible module for ZFS which you can use to create datasets, change ZFS properties.

Food and Drinks afterwards:

  • We ended up at Fachschaft Informatik who serve Mate and Kozel (beer) and ordered Pizza together. Many thanks to Astra for hosting us and organizing a room so we could meet!